Getting Started

Once you fill out an inquiry form, I will respond with a creative form for you to complete, a time frame for your design to begin and answer any of your questions in your message.


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Time Frame and Procedure
Designs may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to be completed. This varies depending on the complexity of your project as well as the speed of communication.

What’s Included
For designs on self-hosted, all designs include:

  • The SEO-friendly Genesis framework
  • Considerable theme customization including your choice of: header, background, favicon, ad space, choice of layout, coordinating “grab” button, post divider, embellished sidebar titles, customized social media graphics, fonts for menu bar/sidebar/post titles, an optional slideshow, and installed plugins to maximize your blog’s aesthetic and functional potential.
  • For custom-built sites, receive everything above plus options such as a unique homepage and custom page templates for portfolios, galleries, and image-based category searches…and that’s just the beginning!

* Includes WordPress installation if needed, but does not include Blogger to WordPress migration
* Does not include logo or branding package
* Additional options are available but not included in standard price. Inquire for a quote if your needs exceed what is offered above.
* This is not for sites or sites to be designed on frameworks other than Genesis.

A deposit via Pay Pal is required for all designs. This deposit will go towards the final cost of your design(s).

Prior to the installation of your design, you should have your domain secured and hosting set up with WordPress installed. I highly recommend utilizing your host’s support team to assist you with this process.

I work with blogs on (not which requires a custom domain and self-hosting. I recommend DreamHost, HostGator and Blue Host as reliable hosts.

Please be sure that your chosen host supports the minimum requirements for sites.

Login information is neccessary in order to work on and install your blog. I will never attempt to use any of your trusted information for anything except for what you hire me to do. You are free to change any and all login credentials after the completion of our working relationship. For organizational purposes, I request you do not change passwords while designs are in-progress.

Before we begin, be sure to:

☑ Purchase a domain

☑ Purchase your hosting (see the blog sidebar for hosts I recommend)

☑ Compile design concepts and ideas. You will be asked specific questions on your questionnaire and having a solid idea of what you are looking for will be beneficial to both of us! Starting a blog design specific Pinterest board for reference is encouraged!

☑ Install WordPress on your domain (with the exception of migrations if you are currently using a blogspot address).

☑Please read my terms of service.