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Ashley is a personal friend of mine whose old photography blog was on Blogger. In moving forward with upgrading her design to WordPress, Ashley also wanted to merge her Flash website with a WordPress blog (a blogsite, if you will…smart girl!). Ashley takes amazing photographs and it was vital that we showcased her work! White space was important in this design and we incorporated the circles from her logo all over the design.

In order to really bring the photos to life and to not lose the slideshow effects from her Flash site, we incorporated a fun portfolio grid to the site. Visit Ashley’s site to see the final product!


My most recent design was Adrienne’s site at La Vita è Bella. Adrienne had her site designed last Spring and wanted a new design that she would love long-term (aha pressure!!!). She wanted something that reflected her better. I read Adrienne’s blog and decided she needed to simplify.

See, Adrienne and I would totally be friends in real life (if you use Pinterest as a base for friendship. And why wouldn’t you?!). 

So I took Adrienne’s requests as well as her aesthetic interests and put them into a mood board.

And then created a blog template incorporating her new design.

Simple. Beautiful. Remember (or know now…) that La vita è bella means “life is beautiful”, so Adrienne got a design that reflected that message.


  1. Lovely work! I’m definitely going to visit the blog frequently.

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